Elizabeth D’Hondt





A psychologist/psychotherapist, I welcome the singular expression of teenagers and adults as they seek to understand the issues or obstacles they face.

My approach is rooted in a perspective of support and care towards the development of psychological suffering and its symptoms (anxiety, the effects of depression, addiction disorders, etc.)

Therapy provides support during a period of fragility. It opens up another perspective on our experience by exploring personal history and helps regain the movement towards personal and relationship development.

The consultation session allows us to create the space together from which we can move forward from the questions, the suffering or the sometimes recurring difficulties that you are encountering. From within this framework, your current or past issues may be reconsidered, your feelings may unfold and the meaning of your reactions can be processed.

Depending on the need, I offer specific psychological support or a longer-term course of therapy. The frequency of the sessions takes into account your requirements and availability.

I offer consultations in English.

In an effort to further improve my patient listening skills, I have maintained my training in analytical psychotherapy.

In addition to my private practice, I work within a multidisciplinary team in the field of mental health in Brussels.