Andrea Manca 




Licensed psychologist (Belgium and Italy) I obtained the Master’s Degree in Clinical and Community Psychology at the University of Turin (Italy). Furthermore, I achieved the second level Master’s Degree in Psychodiagnosis at the Adler Institute (Turin, Italy). In Belgium I studied the Systemic Psychotherapy at the Free University of Brussels.

I had the chance to get to know different fields of mental health within my professional experiences. For instance, the therapeutic community “Il Porto” (Turin, Italy) has brought me to test myself in situations of psychiatric and addiction emergencies; moreover, the Erasmus Hospital’s intensive care unit has given me the opportunity to face medicine-based crisis (in individuals and families); and currently, the Relais Enfants-Parents organization is allow me to support children to keep their bond with their imprisoned parents. 

I choose the systemic approach because it allows the individuals to step-back from their symptoms and start to consider them as part of a more complex system (such as family, work, school…). Moreover, since the family is the main actor, everybody has the right to be an active part of the therapy process.

I welcome adults, adolescents and children, who desire to alleviate their worries; such as, anxiety disorders, humor disorders, relation/couple problems and separation/mourning problems.

In my work, as in everyday life, I believe that every individual has the right to be respected and the right not to be judged. I propose sessions based on acceptance and co-construction of therapeutic goals. I will accompany you through a better understanding of yourself and your environment.