Fanni Forizs




I am a clinical psychologist (UCL Belgium) working with adults and teenagers. I use a person-centered therapeutic approach, based on the ideas of Carl Rogers.

The therapeutic setting provides a secure environment which facilitates our ability of expression and insight into our present and past situation. During the therapeutic process, we can get to recontextualise our experiences, our emotional and cognitive reactions and to become more balanced on a psychological level.

This process can lead us to better cope with life events or difficulties and to create a more active and flexible relationship with ourselves and the others. Its goal is to have a more fulfilling and balanced life, where we have an easier and faster connection to our experiences.

The self-awareness gained from therapeutic work can be a resource in many situations in which we encounter difficulties, such as:

 problems resulting from the intercultural situation (acculturative stress, culture shock, difficulties to integrate, etc.)
 difficulties at the workplace: stress, conflict management, bullying, burnout, existential questions, professional reorientation
 anxiety
 depression
 relationship difficulties

Besides my core method, I apply relaxation and meditation techniques that I have been using for more than 10 years as a member of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition. I also use mediation and workplace psychosocial risk management techniques, as I am specialised in these fields.

I consult in French, Hungarian and English.